‘House of Z’ at Tribeca Film Festival 2017 – Zac Posen as an Exemplary Man for Future Generations

Sandy Chronopoulos' documentary ' House of Z'

Zac Posen in 'House of Z' Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival
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The special screening of the feature documentary ‘House of Z‘| 87 Minutes had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2017. It is directed by Sandy Chronopoulos and it is her first documentary. After the premiere of the screening, there was a very exciting Q&A with director Chronopoulos and the film’s subject Zac Posen that was moderated by Andre Leon Talley.

Sandy Chronopoulos‘ documentary is one of the very few fashion documentaries that shapes the life of an artist like Zac Posen a fashion designer and shares his soul, body, and spirit. The documentary sketches his life from his childhood to adulthood. The metamorphosis of Posen is molded in this documentary made with the passion of a first time director who loves the storytelling of a person she admires, honors, and respects.

Zac Posen in ‘House of Z’ Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Finding success in the world of fashion can be a double game where a fashion designer can win the jackpot or totally miss the ride after many attempts to make and live the dream.  Zac Posen is a vivid example of an accelerated and dramatic success story. While many designers around the world struggle for years to obtain a recognizable and successful career; on the contrary, fame pursued and hunted Zac Posen like a magnet with a thrilling and easy ride that for many critics were seen as an unfair treat.  The talented and marvelous designer at the age of 18 who had only two years into his Central Saint Martins career entered the market with the signature of “Made in America” with an unique and authentic brand that stood up powerfully among the competition. Zac Posen launched his namesake label at the age of 21. In February 2002, he debuted his ready-to-wear collection in New York City. He wasn’t just a dull or plain fashion young designer in his early beginning, he was considered as an extraordinary artist who rapidly captured the attention of the most memorable fashion editors and retailers. Posen flashed his potential and peculiar designs as a respectable personality with enough skills to be able to compete within international world of the fashion industry far beyond his age. Chronopoulos shows a humanized Zac Posen in her documentary ‘House of Z‘ at Tribeca Film Festival 2017 as an exemplary man for future generations. It is a documentary of a refined American designer who has represented the glamor of the world, with innovation, hard work, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Q&A ‘ House of Z’ Tribeca 2017

Craftsmanship and luck mark the empire of Zac Posen as a fashion designer. After internships at the Met museum and Nicole Miller, and then attending the London school that produced Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, he was noticed by Naomi Campbell. He was featured in the New York Times Magazine at 20. He built a family business by choice where the loyalty, family, devotion and faith was the support and compass for him. His sister Alexandra and his mother Susan helped him to make his booming career come into fruition by operating out of his parents’ loft when they started their first atelier. Alexandra and Susan put their own professional lives on hold to support Zac’s rocketing career.  The documentary shows the hassle of the ups and downs of the business, changes, competition, and sad disagreements between family members and the declining market due to a rapidly changing world. At one point the changing market crushed the emerging creativity of this artist making him fall into depression, desperation, and deception. The power of fashion is measured by trends and rapid changes that can diminish or empower a creator. The world of fashion is measured by money, commitment, hard work, and proactive teamwork that is aware of the current trends of the world. Creativity isn’t the only way to be successful nowadays in the world of fashion, but avid partnerships make and close the deals. Zac Posen is a handsome workaholic and was very ambitious. His family was the secret code of his success as he grew as a happy child who was afflicted by ADD and was raised in a bohemian style in Manhattan as the son of a photorealist painter and a lawyer. He has worked very hard to build his brand with successes, failures, and also learned from his mistakes. Perhaps his extreme ambition or internal industry politics slowed down his rocketing career and in consequence, he didn’t find a way to return to the success he had in the beginning.

“Fashion” for Zac Posen is a pay to play the game, but cheaper now with social media. Posen has reached another level in his life where the passage of time has made Zac more humble and reach a spiritual level where the awareness of the changing world of fashion has become his real meaning of love and balance rather than only the material world.

The Documentary ‘House of Z‘ recently had the Canadian Premiere at the Hot Docs Film Festival (Canadian International Documentary Festival).

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