Boa Steakhouse Review – Releases an Exceptional Menu for EVERY Diner

Beet Poke – Jalapeno, Ginger, Root Chips. Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group
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Tableside Club Room Style Caesar Salad! The Best Salad You Will EVER Have! Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group

With perfect weather, aspiring chefs, and not to mention sustainable items and local flavorful fare and produce it’s pretty much safe to say Los Angeles is a ‘foodie destination.’ In such, food trends are constantly evolving and becoming more and more creative. However there is one restaurant that stands alone as a top-tier dining ‘game-changer’ – BOA Steakhouse! Located on the iconic Sunset strip BOA Steakhouse has always been known for its prime quality of service and meats, however, they are currently releasing their seasonal items and we couldn’t help but notice an ample amount of new vegan options!

“We change our menus seasonally, it really allows us to offer products at the peak of quality, states the Brad Stewart, GM of BOA Sunset. “We have a lot of guests that dine with us frequently, so changing our menu also keeps them engaged.”

The new menu items cover an array of flavors and will send your palette into overload! The temps are officially on the rise as Summer is here and thanks to BOA, an updated menu has been curated! The newly added, yet seasonal items display a nice selection that will compliment the heat as well as a few items that are just plain delicious – so why not have them on the menu?!

Hen of Wood Mushrooms! Definitely NOT Your Average! Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group

Recently added vegan dishes include: Nidi Bolognese made with almond ricotta and mushroom Bolognese and the ‘Mediterranean Chickpea Panelle made with smoked carrots, summer squash, and tzatziki. “First and foremost, Spring and Summer were coming so we wanted to make sure our menu reflected that.  Another aim of this menu change was to offer the BOA experience to a new group of diners, Health Conscious and Vegan, ” explained Stewart. “It was something that was lacking before; as with most steakhouses, we could always make vegetable plates or that ubiquitous pasta dish, but neither were anything special.  Our new vegan offerings are not after-thoughts, quite the contrary actually, a lot of thought, time, and testing went into them.”

Nidi Bolognese! Perfectly Portion and Almost to Pretty to Eat! Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group


BOA has always been known to not only continue to raise the bar, but it also sets the tone and continues to challenge its competitors. It’s simply in a league of its own. Take a stroll into BOA and one can expect to be greeted by the friendly staff and treated with the utmost professional care while entering the sultry dining establishment. “We never want to rest and accept the status quo. We need to evolve to better ourselves and try to stay in front of our competitors.  We dine in our restaurants a lot and we travel and dine at others, ” states Lee Maen with Innovative Dining Group. “Sometimes we see a dish elsewhere that inspires us to do something new and innovate.  There’s a lot of collaboration that goes on here as well as trial and error.  Our guest are discriminating and we need to stay on step ahead.” The ambiance is chic with everything to follow as being indescribable. The palpable sensation is on another level and is effortlessly reflected in their dishes.

Beet Poke – Jalapeno, Ginger, Root Chips! Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group

The Never-Ever Durham Ranch Bison and Natural Victorville Ostrich Filet are a MUST for meat eaters. For starters the Never-Ever Durham Ranch Bison is top-tier bison that has never been fed antibiotics or preservatives and is basically as pure as can be. The tender cut of bison allows the consumer to taste the many layers in the dish. The Natural Victorville Ostrich Filet is cooked to sheer perfection. It’s as tender as a slowly marinated piece of beef that is soft to the touch – no extra flavoring is needed.

Colorado Lamb T-Bones – A Nice Addition to the Menu! Photo Credit: Innovative Dining Group

Other notable items were the: Colorado Lamb T-Bones, Hen of wood, arugula pesto, ricotta salata, beet poke with jalepeno, ginger, and root chips (let that soak in for a minute!) We overheard that the newly added ‘Club Room Style Caesar’ was a MUST! We gave in and gave it our all. The salad is far more complex than your average salad, as with anything else BOA sets it’s mind to – to be honest. It consists of: Dijon, garlic, egg yolk, lemon, pepper, puree anchoive, tabasco, Worchester sauce, champagne vinegar, olive oil, parmesan, salami, garbanzo beans, red and yellow pepper, provolone cheese, and red onions – made TABLESIDE!

“We set out to be different, to be a culinarily forward steakhouse that was just as approachable to women and younger guests as it was to older men.  Yes, our menu had the prerequisite  Prawn Cocktail, Filet, and Steak Sauce, but it also had a Truffle Goat Cheese Baklava, a Bone In Filet, and Chimichurri Sauce,” states Stewart. “Service was friendly and not pretentious, and the vibe was fun and energetic, not staunchy.”  As stated, BOA is the standard and if you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at BOA, please do yourself a favor and make a reservation immediately!

Boa Steakhouse

9200 Sunset Blvd., No 650

West Hollywood, CA




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