Cirque du Soleil VOLTA Review – Amazingly Mesmerizing

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Photos: Matt Beard, Costumes: Zaldy Goco

Having bought the show to over 450 cities on six continents, the name Cirque du Soleil might sound familiar or have been attended by many. I could not wait to experience VOLTA as it was my first time at a Cirque du Soleil show.  

VOLTA is Cirque du Soleil’s 41st original production and is presented under the Big Top for the first time at Soldier Field, at the South Lot, 1410 Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, through July 6, 2019.

Did you know? This year marks the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the circus troupe in the Windy City. The first visit for CIRQUE RÉINVENTÉ in Chicago was 1989.

Having heard how amazing Cirque du Soleil shows are, I was looking forward to being mesmerized. Filled with amazing acrobatics, BMX stunts, rope skipping, dance, comedy, and more, there is something to amaze and wow every member of the audience. The 2 hours flew by with all the amazing visuals and extravaganza.

However, VOLTA is not just an entertaining show of tricks and feats. VOLTA is described as “a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and recognizing one’s own power to make it possible. Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgement of others.” The name VOLTA refers to a sudden about-face, a change in emotion or idea often used in poetry. It also speaks to the jolt of energy delivered through the show. This was shown in the performances and progression of the acts. There was a flow throughout the production that I believe achieved that message.

Don’t miss out on this production! It is a wonderful performance that immerses the audience and leaves you with a dropped jaw and smile on your face. Tickets, starting at $49, are available for purchase by visiting or calling 1-877-9CIRQUE (1-877-924-7783).

A few Fun Facts about the VOLTA Big Top:

The Big Top seats more than 2,500 people

• The entire site set-up takes six days. This includes installation of the Big Top, the entrance tent, the VIP tent and the rehearsal spaces

• The Big Top is held down by roughly 500 stakes

• The Big Top can withstand winds up to 120 km/h (75 mph)

• It measures 167 feet in diameter and is supported by four 80-feet steel masts

• The cupola is 62 feet above the ground

• The light-colored canvas helps counter the effects of the sun, thereby reducing energy consumption and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions

• VOLTA travels via 72 trailer trucks carrying close to 2,000 tons of equipment


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