Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca Las Vegas – An Italian Experience Worthy of Las Vegas

Green Valley Ranch Resort is not quite the Las Vegas strip, but whether you are staying there or you need to make that short drive from wherever you are staying, Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca is well worth it. Bottiglia gives you everything you would want from an Italian restaurant along with a modern, fun and vibrant experience that is all Las Vegas.

Bottiglia has a vast menu from Italian classics that are centered around the handmade pasta as well as the variety of in-house created pasta sauces. The wild mushroom tagliatelle is the most powerfully flavorful dish on the menu and it all starts with the rich, egg centric, thick tagliatelle pasta. Pairing that pasta with all the flavors of seemingly endless amount of wild mushrooms and the black truffle cream sauce makes this a dish that makes it difficult to put your fork down. Not far behind and it might surprise you is the vegan Bolognese. The surprising part is that if you didn’t know it was vegan you certainly wouldn’t know it as Bottiglia serves this dish with a chickpea Bolognese, almond ricotta to go along with a sauce made of wild mushrooms. This dish delivers on Italian flavor with an ingredient list that is shocking to find in an Italian restaurant.

Wild mushroom tagliatelle

The seafood is fresh and on display for you at Bottiglia so you can see exactly what you are ordering and you can see exactly how fresh it is. A wonderful way to experience the seafood for the entire table is the grand shellfish tower, which comes with: shrimp, lobster, oyster and crabs. If you are looking for simply a perfect dish in each bite there is nothing quite like the pan roasted halibut. The halibut by itself is cooked to perfection, with that little bit of sear on the exterior, but a beautiful and flaky fish inside that falls apart with your fork. But pairing that with farro risotto and a genius carrot purée gives you a wealth of flavor from start to finish.

Pan Roasted Halibut


The freshness of the ingredients really shines through in the buratta and tomato caprese salad. The tomatoes are so fresh they taste as if they were just pulled off the vine and it is paired with burrata and aged balsamic and given a wonderful textural contrast with pistachios. While that gives you the light and refreshing end of an appetizer, if you are looking for a more heavy and rich dishes, the wood baked crispy mozzarella, the meatballs, char grilled octopus and crispy calamari are all great choices. The meatballs, calamari and mozzarella are all paired with the incredibly rich, flavorful and thick tomato gravy. This takes tomato sauce to a whole new level in every possible way.

Buratta and tomato caprese salad

If you are in Las Vegas for the weekend that means one thing, you are looking for a spectacular brunch to share with family or friends and Bottiglia offers up a memorable brunch menu. Some of the decadent dishes include: the Coffee Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun with vanilla mascarpone icing, Lobster Benedict, Corned Beef Hash, an assortment of paninis with the highlight being the Meatball Hero that is made with Sunday gravy and provolone cheese. Of course there is also plenty of seafood and plenty of cocktails to get you through the afternoon.

Homemade Cannoli

Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca is definitely worth venturing off of the Las Vegas strip as this authentic Italian food is well worth the short drive. From the moment you walk in this beautiful restaurant until you finish off your evening with an espresso and a homemade cannoli, the flavors and the experience of Bottiglia will take your mind and taste buds on a trip to that will conjure up images and flavors of Italy itself.

For more information, visit: Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca

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