Marriage Can Be Murder Review – Fun-Filled Who-Dun-It at the D

Audience members end up on stage at Marriage Can Be Murder Photo by Dianne Davis
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Marriage Can Be Murder! It’s a comedy, it’s a mystery, it’s a dinner show, and it’s a killer. The D Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas is the setting for this hilarious entertaining interactive experience which is just plain fun. It is a who-dun-it and the answer could be the guy or gal sitting next to you! Yes, really.

Our policeman is searching the audience for the killer Photo by Ira Kuzma

It might sound a bit complicated – because it is! And if that guy isn’t the killer, well, he could be one of the several victims of the murderer. If you have any special talents, you may be enlisted to be part of the show. Like, if you have a medical background, you may be asked to pronounce the murdered one dead. Or you’ll be asked to help remove the body from the room.

Luckily there were talented musicians in the audience Photo by Ira Kuzma

But wait, if that isn’t your talent, how about music? Great! They may ask you to play one of those silly blow up musical instruments as the body is removed, kind of like a New Orleans style send-off. Is this sounding silly? Yes, it certainly is, but in the best possible way.

Jayne Post Photo by Ira Kuzma

Let’s backtrack. That ditsy looking blonde who seated you before the show began – she’s Jayne Post. She and her husband Eric Post wrote the original show 20 years ago. He’s the policeman in the short shorts. Yea, do the math. He’s no spring chicken but there he is running around in his short shorts trying to identify the murderer. It gets worse. There will be a bunch of bodies dropping from various methods of murder.

Of course in the meantime, you’ll be dining on a delicious salad followed by your choice of tasty beef, pork, or vegetarian selections. Drinks are available for purchase

Oh, and the dessert could be a real killer.


Photo by Dianne Davis

The show is family friendly and a great spot to go with a bunch of friends as you can sit at long tables. If you don’t know the folks at your table, well by the end of the evening you’ll be one big happy family – unless one of you gets killed or turns out to be the killer. You may be working together to try to solve the who-dun-it, or you may just sit back and enjoy the fun. And there is a prize for the first audience member to identify the murderer.

Jayne Post and Eric Post wrote the show a long long time ago Photo by Ira Kuzma

This is the longest running dinner show in Las Vegas. If you’ve seen the show, go see it again. Jayne and Eric rewrite it every three months with new victims and new murderers. This is not your usual Vegas show. No scanty costumes, no loud music, reasonable prices for mixed or soft drinks, and it is family friendly as well.

Marriage Can Be Murder can be seen seven nights a week at the D Las Vegas. Doors open at 6 p.m. and bodies begin to drop at 6:30 p.m. Go see it. It’s a killer comedy.


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