L’Auberge Del Mar – A Little Bit of West Coast Heaven

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When it comes to stunningly beautiful vacation settings, it is hard to top Southern California and the plethora of resorts that take you up and down the coast. With so many wonderful options sometimes it is hard to put one above another. That is until you visit L’Auberge Del Mar, it only takes a few seconds and a few steps to know this is simply as good as gets. Then it continues to get better as your day continues and it never stops until that moment you leave.

Breathtaking room at L’Auberge Del Mar

While the term “hidden gem” is overused, L’Auberge Del Mar is the one location that is truly deserving of that moniker as you just might miss the entrance and once you do get there you are taken away to a location that is a bit hidden away from the rest of Del Mar. After you leave Del Mar, you probably will want to keep this vacation spot your little secret.

Outdoor setting at L’Auberge Del Mar (Photo Courtesy L’Auberge Del Mar)

The history of L’Auberge Del Mar precedes their name as it is located on the historic site of what was once known as The Stratford Inn. This was built in 1910 and was the destination Hollywood celebrities for many years before finding its demise in 1969. This spot was too beautiful to sit in silence, so in 1989 L’Auberge Del Mar was born. L’Auberge kept that incredible feel that draws people to it and that hits you as you walk through the doors and you see a spectacular view of the Pacific Coast through the open air entrance in the lobby. You are greeted with a glass of champagne and flawless service and that is just the beginning.

Making Your Way to the Beach

Once you make it to your room, you just might never want to leave. Simply beautifully designed rooms that have beautiful light colors throughout to match with the beach setting. They have varying views and an assortment of room styles to appease anyone and you can even get a room with a fireplace. The entire setting of L’Auberge has more of a relaxing and anything but a stuffy resort feel to it.

The beach just minutes from L’Auberge

Dessert at Coastline

Your first real dilemma is deciding beach or pool. Your best bet is to spend one day at each, preferably more, as they are both incredible options. The beach is a short walk from L’Auberge, but an even better choice is let L’Auberge pamper you in style. Guests are offered complimentary beach chairs, umbrellas and towels and you can make your way down to the beach compliments of the beach valet. The beautiful pool is right in the middle of the U-shaped L’Auberge, giving you a magnificent view leading down to the beach. Lunch, cocktails and a cabana are the perfect way to spend any day at L’Auberge. If you are looking for a little bit more, you can also enjoy Del Mar on one of the complimentary beach cruisers.

Even with COVID-19, weddings must go on and you certainly can have that dream wedding come together at L’Auberge Del Mar. You would be hard pressed to find a more scenic setting that allows you to overlook L’Auberge and down to the Pacific Coast. Allowing the wedding team at L’Auberge to help put your wedding together at this iconic location will leave any wedding couple with memories and divine pictures that they can cherish forever.

Whether you are looking for your wedding to be catered or a meal that is just as glorious as the view it comes with, Coastline has a stellar menu throughout the day. Coastline takes advantage of the local fish with some wonderful seafood dishes beginning with appetizers that include: Sea Bass Sashimi, Local Bluefin Poke, Fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp Tostadas and Steamed Local Mussels. The incredible seafood continues into the main courses with dishes such as: Red Miso Glazed Salmon and Roasted Weathervane Scallops, but don’t pass by the Cedar Ranch Dry-Aged Ribeye, which is done simply as well as any ribeye you will find on the West Coast. If somehow you have room for dessert, the Chocolate-Miso Bodino brings you a plethora of flavors that is highlighted by the rich Bordeaux cherries. After dinner head over to the stunning lobby bar, which is not your typical lobby bar. They have local beer on tap and plenty of unique cocktails and nothing is quite as flavorful and refreshing as the Summer Love. Fruity but light, it really is a cocktail that was made for the beach, bringing together peach notes, lychee and the homemade honey lavender syrup.

You can’t talk about L’Auberge Del Mar without mentioning the service. At the end of the day any vacation experience is going to be elevated and made memorable by the service. From the moment you check in, to anyone you meet at the pool and the restaurant staff, the treatment that you will receive from everyone is simply flawless.

A vacation is one thing, you can do that almost anywhere. L’Auberge Del Mar takes the experience to a place that few others can match, near perfection. There are those vacations that sometimes linger in the back of your mind a while and then drift away. L’Auberge Del Mar is that vacation you will never forget.

For more information, visit: L’Auberge Del Mar

L’Auberge Del Mar, is also making it easy to use those vacations days and make the most of 2020 with their Mid-Week Sneakaway Package. Perfect for a local ‘staycation,’ when guests book a stay Sunday through Thursday, they get extra perks like minimal travel, ocean-view dining, plenty of outdoor activities, and so much more.

The Mid-Week Sneakaway package includes:

  • Luxurious guestroom accommodations with premium views

·         Waived resort fees

·         Complimentary parking to come and go as you please

Rates begin at $370  per night and can be booked here using the promo code SNEAKPEEK

L’Auberge Del Mar is committed to protecting the wellbeing of guests and team members by providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who visits the property. The resort is also offering the Beach and Breakfast Package, Work by the Sea Package and Recess at the Beach Package. More information can be found online here.


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