Altitude not Attitude – The True Life Story of Michael Warkentin – An Upbeat Man Bound to a Wheelchair

Altitude Not Attitude
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Film Premiere of “Altitude not Attitude”

Altitude not Attitude” is an inspirational documentary that explores the “trips of a lifetime”, the daily obstacles, the psychological hurdles and the life of Michael Warkentin, a quadriplegic.

Michael Warkentin being interviewed by Warren Zou.

In the early 1990’s, Michael was a handsome, young, athletic man who had the world at his feet until one day he had a tragic and sudden accident, falling off the escalator at Palos Verdes Mall in California. When Michael went down the escalator, he turned to speak to his girlfriend at the time but because the railing was very low and he is 6’5 feet tall, he fell over the railing and fell to the ground and broke his neck. He died twice and was revived by a dentist who was passing by and was then taken to the hospital. His life was never the same after that fatal accident – at the age of twenty two.

Michael with a bevy of women!
Magi Avila, Michel Warkentin, Janet Lopez, Sanjini Bhakta

Sitting in a wheel chair has never slowed him down. Michael has traveled to 26 countries and in this documentary, Michael takes us on a tour of four countries in Europe and some of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Italy, France, the U.K. and Spain. Michael lives life to the fullest every day and every moment of his life despite his daily struggles that take him much longer to do or accomplish the most basic things. He does this with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, never feeling sorry because of his condition or for himself. He is a thrill seeker, fun loving and with a positive attitude – always on a quest for incredible adventures.

He comes across as the happiest, most caring, humble and nicest self-made, successful businessman or financial advisor. Despite his physical handicaps, he works relentlessly to help people with their financial goals.

This documentary also explores six phases of recovery after facing adversity with many informative discussions by Doctor of Clinical Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Nancy Irwin. “Altitude not Attitude” was produced and directed by Magi Avila who also has several excerpts throughout the documentary discussing Michael’s situation and can be seen helping Michael eat, helping in other ways and escorting him on his adventures through Europe. Magi is also an accomplished Mexican actress who recently starred in “My American Family” with Danny Trejo and created by Victor Migalchan.

Magi Avila and Victor Migalchan

The red carpet premiere of “Altitude not Attitude” took place at the Pico Landmark Theaters. The documentary film was 1 hour, 2 minutes long followed by a Q & A panel which was moderated by the Vice President of Creative Programming and Diversity and Inclusion at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Brett King.

Brett King
Brett King and Sanjini Bhakta

Many celebrities attended the red carpet film premiere.

Sanjini Bhakta
Victor Migalchan
Tonya Renee Banks being interviewed by Warren Zou

Michael Warkentin is a testament of resilience, learning patience, attaining financial achievements and inspiring hope to others.

“Altitude not Attitude” can be seen on itunes and Apple TV.

Altitude not Attitude

“The film was inspirational and imparts that we can always find ways to help someone else and to give back to the community”. – Actress Janet Lopez  

“The film reaffirms to not be afraid to follow your dreams no matter how high, big or fantastical they seem and no matter how many obstacles are in your path. Pursue your dreams with passion and you will always have a wondrous and magical life, full of fun and adventure”. – Actress, Producer, Director, Martial Artist Sanjini Bhakta.

“My message to you is, to not wait to follow your heart’s desires. Life is short and if you do not get what you need, it is your own fault. Spend time envisioning what you really want out of life. Concentrate on every detail of the life you desire and figure out what steps are needed to reach those goals”. – Michael Warkentin                 

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