Hollywood Glamour at Doris Bergman’s Eleventh Annual Luxury Lounge and Luncheon – Celebrating the Emmy Season

Sue Wong. model, Sanjini
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The Doris Bergman’s Eleventh Annual Luxury Lounge and Luncheon, in celebration of the Emmy Season, was held at the beautiful, iconic and chic restaurant, La Boheme located in West Hollywood. This special event showcased luxury items ranging from stunning couture gowns, tuxedos and suits, footwear, beauty and skin care products, exquisite jewelry and watches, lovely scented candles, delicious honey, vodka and tequila spirits and many other luxurious products.

Glamorous Sue Wong booth (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
Sue Wong Fashion posters (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

There was a red carpet, delectable hors d’oeuvres, trays of red and white wine, a lovely luncheon in a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, lots of Hollywood celebrities and of course lots of divine gifts!

Maria Conchita Alonso and Sanjini having lunch at La Boheme (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
Actor Bruce Dern enjoying lunch in the courtyard of La Boheme (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Twisted Silver showcased their beautiful jewelry made of base metals and recycled and found objects. Created by Debra Mitchell, Twisted Silver has a unique collection of stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Their jewelry is handcrafted and eco-friendly. Follow on Instagram @twistedsilver

Twisted Silver (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Art Lewin Bespoke is one of the leading custom clothing and executive apparel companies, offering stylish suits and shirts for both men and women, custom and expert tailoring and fine accessories. Their custom suits are handmade using A-Grade European fabrics since 1989! Bespoke tailored suits and shirts are selected from cloths that are imported from Italy, England, Scotland and France.

Art Lewin Bespoke (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Art Lewin Bespoke

Timmy Woods of Beverly Hills showcased a very colorful and an eclectic assortment of handbags. Timmy Woods handbags are unique, fashion forward and definitely make a statement! Bedazzled handbags shaped in the form of lips, a zebra, a dice handbag, a handbag covered with red chilies, a guitar, Santa Claus, the Eiffel Tower, a football, a pink poodle, a colorful radio and many fun designs were showcased.

Timmy Woods Handbags (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Timmy Woods Handbags

The Abingdon Company have beautiful watches catered for adventurous women who are pilots, who do scuba diving, base jumping, motor cross, race car driving, shooting and are built to withstand these activities. These watches are durable and fashionable! Some of the watches are also unisex. This company is located in Las Vegas and is founded by Abingdon Mullin who was born in England and raised in California. The Abingdon Foundation promotes educational opportunities for girls and women – providing network opportunities, education outreach and programs and offering scholarships in aviation, helicopter, automotive and dive industries.

Presenting Sponsor, The Abingdon Co, with 2021 Emmy Winner Jodi Long (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Presenting Sponsor, The Abingdon Co, with 2021 Daytime Emmy Winner Jodi Long

Abingdon Watches

Abingdon Foundation

Beauty Kitchen showcased natural skincare and cosmetics – body sprays, sugar scrubs, body lotions, hand sanitizers, face masks, etc. They have a wide range of products that are made without the use of chemical preservatives. Their Girl Boss line of products smelt fresh and vibrant! Heather Marianna is the founder and CEO of Beauty Kitchen.

Beauty Kitchen (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Beauty Kitchen

Dulce Vida Tequila offered refreshing drinks from their 100% pure agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico, organic and handcrafted with delicious flavors such as real lime and real grapefruit. Dulce Vida produces tequila in the village of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario – making it an authentic and organic tequila!

Dulce Vida Tequila (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Dulce Vida Tequilla

True Gold Honey is a family-owned company – owned by a mother-son duo – Sarah and Tyler Sample, offering delicious honey from their hive to your home! Truce Gold Honey’s are pure, raw, unfiltered and straight from the hive. They come in five unique flavors – avocado honey, coastal mountain sage honey, orange blossom honey, summer valley flowers honey and wild buckwheat honey.

True Gold Honey – Mother-Son duo – Tyler and Sarah Sample (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
True Gold Honey (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

True Gold Honey

Custom Candle Co is a family owned and operated business using recycled and unwanted bottles and filling them with beautifully scented oils and natural soy wax. These handmade candles are custom-made, liquor designed candles of ciroc vodka, vodka, whiskey and bourbon, champagne, wine, tequila, beer and beverage, cognac and gin, etc. The candles can be personalized with custom brand labels, personalized photos and expression labels. Custom scents such as vanilla bean, coconut, crème brulee, crisp champagne, banana nut bread, merlot, sage, cotton candy, musk, lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood, cinnamon and many other scents can be chosen for your custom-made candles. These candles are the light that brightens your day!

VIP Sponsor, Custom Candle Co. with Jasmine Davis (“The Chi”) – (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)
Custom Candles (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Custom Candle

Vai water is ideal for pre-workout, post workout or during workouts. It is tasteless, odorless and colorless. Vai water hydrates, restores and revitalizes your mind and body.  The Jets music band of Tongan family members, Leroy, Haini and Rudy will be performing at V Theatre – Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. They are also involved in the creation of Vai Water products.

Sanjini with Jets Music Band members – Rudy, Leroy and Haini (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Vai Water

Precious Vodka showcased their beautifully bottled vodka – shaped like a jewel! Each bottle of Precious Vodka is decorated with an uncut ruby or sapphire from India. This ultra-premium vodka brand was founded in 2010 and is produced in a distillery in Eastern Europe. Precious Vodka is a jewel – pure tasting and is the epitome of luxury!

Title Sponsor, Precious Vodka with Julio Macias (“Selena” and “On My Block”) – (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Precious Vodka

Rock N Ranch and Hypofootwear showcased their luxury utility brand of footwear and t-shirts made in Denver and Wyoming, U.S.A. Their athletic and sports shoes are both stylish and comfortable. ROCK represents the luxury vibe and RANCH represents the utility ethic of their brand. The Hypofootwear snickers have style, comfort, innovation and performance. The Hypofootwear motto is: Go Get It. Be Legendary.

VIP Sponsor, Hypofootwear and Rock N’ Ranch with former Emmy winner, Victoria Konefal (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Rock N’ Ranch


My Saint My Hero is a line of bracelets that give messages such as “faith” and “blessing”. These spiritual bracelets are handwoven with love in the small pilgrimage town of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I received the Benedictine Blessing Bracelet. Wearing this bracelet reminds yourself that God has given you a mission to make the world a better place.

My Saint My Hero (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

My Saint My Hero

The fabulous fashion designer and now venturing into home furnishings, Sue Wong, showcased her glamorous, high couture dresses, Sue Wong perfumes and other home furnishings. Sue Wong displayed her book entitled “Sue Wong – Beauty. Magic. Transformation – A Life Journey.”

Sue’s Wong’s Book (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Sue Wong’s booth exemplified Hollywood glamour, romance, magic and beauty! Sue Wong’s dresses can be found in 27 countries, in Nordstrom, online and dozens of other outlets.

Sue Wong, model and Sanjini (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
VIP Sponsor, Sue Wong Couture with former Emmy Winner, Victoria Park (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Milena Candles are so fragrant such as the plumeria scented one that I received as a gift. These candles are so unique because they can also be used as a lotion or moisturizer. Milena Popovich is the CEO/President.

VIP Sponsor, Milena LA with former Emmy Nominee Anna Maria Horsford (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Milena Candles

Hint mouth-watering water can also be delivered to your door. It comes in different flavors – watermelon, blackberry, pineapple, peach raspberry, strawberry lemon, peach, cherry and crisp apple. It is infused with fruit essences without sugar, diet sweetners, calories or preservatives. Hint products include flavored water, sparkling water, kids flavored water, caffeinated water, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, deodorant, etc. Hint was founded by Kara Goldin in 2005.

HInt Water (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Hint Water

Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream are custom cold treats freshly made on the spot using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, creating an entertaining science experience at the same time! I had a mint and chocolate chip ice cream treat. Subzero does school presentations, caters to weddings, private parties and corporate events. Rob West is the owner of this unique ice cream company.

Subzero Ice Cream with owner Rob West (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
VIP Sponsor, Sub Zero Ice Cream with Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Stories”) – (Photo provided by Doris Bergman PR)

Subzero Ice Cream

Wednesday’s Child” is the official charity chosen by Doris Bergman for this event. Guests and sponsors made monetary donations or donated gifts for teenagers who need a foster home – benefiting “Wednesday’s Child” which is a weekly segment airing on FOX 11 News, Los Angeles with Anchor Christine Devine. Doris Bergman always invites two foster youths to join in the festivities and experience being treated like a VIP!

Wednesday’s Child – collecting donations (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)
Sanjini signing the Fox 11 – Wednesday’s Child board (Photo by Sanjini Bhakta)

Fox L.A. – Wednesday’s Child

A delicious lunch was served in the lovely La Boheme courtyard with celebrities enjoying penne with tomato sauce, a delicious spinach and kale salad, buffalo cauliflower, tasty meat and fish dishes and wine.

The red carpet kept the photographers busy all day!

Sanjini on the Red Carpet (Photo by Vivien Killilea)

Photos are courtesy of Doris Bergman


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