The Hawke Method -Three Principles of Marketing That Help Your Business Soar

photo courtesy of Hawke Media
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The Hawke Method,” is a book that gives your business a solid marketing blueprint and understanding of how your marketing should be handled. It is a great foundation to build Rockstar Marketing. Written by Erik Huberman, once included in Forbes “top 30 under 30,” and included in the 125 “Success” people to follow in 2022, “professionals who reflect the true value of the magazine: impacting others in a positive way. “CEO Erik Huberman’s company Hawke media launched in 2014 and is now worth over a hundred and fifty million. He is clearly a man to listen to.

Erik Huberman – photo courtesy of Hawke Media

Huberman starts the book with a brief glance into his childhood in Ojai California. It was obvious from the start that he was a natural marketer. He moves us into the three principals of marketing describing them as a tripod (awareness, nurturing, and trust). Without any one of the legs, the tripod tumbles. Before taking us through various kinds of marketing and the different social platforms, he explains why this may or may not be the best place for you to be.

It’s not long before you realize you may want to absorb and put into practice some form of what Huberman is telling you as he sweeps you through his process. He also weaves in marketing terms you may or may not know, explaining them so they are completely understandable.

Next, he takes you into some marketing techniques showing you the proper way to use them. Huberman also sites examples throughout the book. In many cases using his own uber successful Hawke Media, and who wouldn’t want be a replica of that kind of success.

Sprinkled through the book are also pro tips to help you better implement what Erik is telling you. Each chapter also includes end notes and key takeaways. No stone is left unturned in Huberman’s effort to give you everything you need to succeed in your marketing endeavor.

He covers partners in depth and handling Press to close out Part 1 of “The Hawke Method. Awareness – being the first part of the Tripod.

Erik Huberman – photo courtesy of Hawke Media

In Part 2 he takes us through Nurturing – the second leg on the Tripod. In this section he covers Nurturing 101, converting customers, increasing customer lifetime value. along with the Tools and Tactics of email marking.

Part 3 and third leg of the Tripod is Trust. Everyone online hears about the know, like and trust factor. Huberman leads us through Third -party Validation, Brand, and the future of marketing.

If you are starting a business or have a business failing in some way this is the complete roadmap to get you where you need to be, a guide to get you started or show you where your trouble is. If you are missing a leg on the tripod your marketing will fail. Each part is equally as important and is the essence of “The Hawke Method.”

Erik Huberman – photo courtesy of Hawke Media

Don’t miss your chance to nail your marketing.

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Erik Huberman – photo courtesy of Hawke Media

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