The WhiskeyX Festival Review – The Ultimate Whiskey Experience (Featuring Busker Irish Whiskey)

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The Ultimate whiskey extravaganza, The WhiskyX, graced its presence in Chicago, including the delicious and popular, Busker Irish Whiskey. On Thursday, June 2nd at 6 pm at Morgan MFT, whiskey lovers indulged with some of the best whiskies from around the world. Guests were able to taste, discover, and learn about WhiskyX’s unprecedented selection of innovative and world-class whiskies; more than 60 premium whisky brands and cocktails were available to sample and explore over 60 premium brands and cocktails–the best of Bourbon, American, Irish, Scotch, Rye, Single Malt, and more!

Uncle Nearest Whiskey and Bourbon
Uncle Nearest Whiskey and Bourbon

Since 2017, The WhiskyX has been attracting record crowds of whiskey lovers from across the country. The festival has also currently been expanding in 2022 to 10 different cities including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Nashville, Denver, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas! You’re then invited to a curated and unprecedented selection of innovative and world class whiskies. 

Hudson Whiskey New York

The WhiskeyX was quite the tasting event. It was amazing to be able to have access to over 60 amazing brands and cocktails to choose from. All the staff at the event were very attentive, always welcoming us wherever we headed next to sample. The different brand vendors were also great to talk with as we visited each booth for samples. All of them were happy to share the history, stories & folklore behind their products. 

Keeper’s Heart Irish and American Whiskey
Few Spirits (Evanston, IL)
Few Spirits (Evanston, IL)

There were several highlights of the evening for my guest and I. The first was a whiskey and bourbon brand, Uncle Nearest, that greeted us as soon as we came inside the venue. This whiskey was warm, spicy and went down smoothly. Uncle Nearest has been one of the most awarded American whiskey and bourbon brands since 2019. Other notable brands that were fantastic included Hudson Whiskey New York (notable blends including Do the Rye Thing and Bright Lights, Big Bourbon), Keeper’s Heart, Fistful of Bourbon Chicago’s own and delicious whiskey brand, FEW (which hosted us to a hockey stick shot!), and the impressive and amazing tasting brand, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, Ardbeg Uigeadail, which  was one of the best that we sampled that evening. 

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, Ardbeg Uigeadail,
Few Spirits Hockey Stick Shot
Few Spirits Hockey Stick Shot

One of the featured brands at WhiskeyX was The Busker Irish Whiskey, an amazing and bold Irish Whiskey brand. This special whiskey was wonderfully smooth on my palate, well balanced and tasted of caramel notes. We were hosted through delicious samples by Mark Bates, Director at Disaronno International. 

The Busker Irish Whiskey (Mark Bates)
The Busker Hill Irish Whiskey

The festival also had a selection of food trucks to choose from when guests started feeling peckish. The food was delicious. However, I would recommend next time either offering a greater variety of good trucks available, or ones that offer faster service. This would be beneficial to all the hungry whiskey fans. (30+ minutes was too long a wait in line when you need ti eat right away). 

WhiskeyX Food Trucks
Cheers to a fantastic whiskey tasting event

Overall, I strongly recommend WhiskeyX the next time it comes to Chicago. If you are a fan of the highest quality and selection of whiskey, bourbon or scotch, and want a VIP preview, then this is the fest for you!

Photos: Jennifer Lunz

For more information on The WhiskeyX Festival, please visit the website. Click this link for more information on The Busker Hill Irish Whiskey. 

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