Six Special 21st Birthday Gift Ideas That Break The Mold

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Few birthdays garner the same excitement and importance as a 21st birthday. It’s usually when an individual is coming of age and starting to understand who they are, what they want and which people in their life are there to stay. This makes finding the perfect gift for a 21st absolutely paramount! If you are looking for something unique and sentimental, here are 6 special 21st-birthday gift ideas to consider that really breaks the mold!

  1.  Gift a piece of art

Giving a piece of art is a beautiful gesture and one that will be treasured forever if you secure a unique piece. There are affordable pieces of art at Yellow Octopus and other gift retailers, or you may want to find something rare from a gallery or art supply. If you know of any artists in your circle of friends or the local area, you can even get something bespoke made. There are many artists who can recreate a picture through illustration that you can frame and wrap as a gift. You can find these on Etsy and other creative marketplaces, and there is flexibility over colors and sizes.

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2. A gift voucher for a special restaurant

Now that your gift recipient is 21 years old, they will be wanting to enjoy their adulthood a little more and explore the finer things in life. A gift voucher to a fancy restaurant will allow them to invite their peers to a special meal and drinks, and toast themselves. We tend to stick to the restaurants we know, despite the reputations and allure of those top options in the area. Gifting this restaurant voucher will give them the perfect excuse to spoil themselves thoroughly without having to foot the entire bill.

3. Send a chocolate or lolly box

Who doesn’t want to receive some sweets on their birthday? Sending a chocolate or lolly box delivery is sure to sweeten their day, as they will be able to take these goodies to work, share with friends or keep them all to themselves. There are businesses that can send the boxes for you with the ability to add extras to the box and personalise it. You might also want to design your own box with the sweets that you know your 21-year-old friend or family member will really love. Also, you can find businesses that include gluten-free and vegan options as this is a growing population!

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4. Polaroid camera

Now that your special gift recipient is 21, they are going to have many celebrations that they will want to immortalise. A polaroid camera is both a practical and novelty gift, and you can buy different types of polaroid film to create cool different effects. There are a lot of different places you can buy polaroid cameras, like Officeworks and Target, but you may wish to buy them from a camera retailer online. Wrap the polaroid camera up with a couple of stacks of film and let them unleash their creativity. You may also want to include some fun stickers with the gift so that they can accessorise the polaroid camera.

5. A self-care journal

Self-care journals are all the rage now, and they have even replaced some of the demand for daily planners. A self-care journal is about designing a balanced life, with plenty of space for reflection and self-care activities. The idea is that you schedule moments of pause in your day so you can anticipate your week and reduce the chance of overwhelm. Depending on the self-care diary you choose, you may be able to monogram the diary with the initials of your gift recipient. You can also buy a beautiful pen to accompany the diary so they are even more encouraged to use it.

6. A beauty treatment voucher

Pampering someone is the ultimate gift, especially when it is their birthday! Depending on their interests and tastes, you may want to get a voucher for a 90-minute massage, a facial, a mud wrap – or anything! They can keep this voucher up their sleeve until they have a special event coming up that they want to look their best for. There are so many different beauty salons around, but try and get the voucher from a place that you know they really love!


We hope that one of these six gift options is the perfect option for your special friend or family! Turning 21 is really a changing point for so many young men and women, so be sure to write a thoughtful card to accompany your gift that lets them know how you feel and what you wish for them in the future.


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