Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas Trends Toward Spicier Foods

Fancy Foods plus so much more were on display at the 2024 Fancy Food Show. Photo by Dianne Davis
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More than 1,000 exhibitors descended on Las Vegas for the annual Winter Fancy Food Show in late January of 2024. The event, held in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, is the spot for specialty food makers to exhibit their newest and best products to buyers from super markets to the hospitality industry. It is three days of sampling, networking, buying, selling and education. Attendees include global specialty food and beverage makers, buyers, retailers, brokers, distributors, and other industry professionals.

The trade show is sponsored by the not for profit Speciality Food Association, the leading membership trade association and source of information about the estimated $207 billion industry. Speciality food generally refers to products made in small batches with high-end ingredients. These products are often considered to be trend setters. We observed an increased emphasis on plant based or vegan foods as well as a trend toward spicier products and a greater number of non-alcoholic beverages on display.

Photo by Burt Davis
Photo by Dianne Davis

This year’s show featured promotions of all types of foods, spices and sauces. as well as supplies related to the industry. Exhibitors came from 45 states and many countries. Japan had the largest exhibit.There were speciality sections for minority owned companies as well as new vendors. Basically the catagories included Cheeses, deli, desserts, start-ups, international, states, and foreign pavillions. We spoke with business owners, suppliers, and customers. Here are just a few our favorites.

This is not a press assignment that one person should try to manage alone. Just too much delicious food for one reporter or photographer to sample as we traversed the sections of the displays complete with hot pots, small ovens, small freezers, and cheerful representatives.

Cheeses galore at the 2024 Las Vegas Fancy Food Show Las Vegas Photo by Dianne Davis
Photo by Dianne Davis


We quickly lost count of the number of cheese producers. We visited several as we toured the Deli section. Prairie Farms was one of our favorites. This is actually a large farming Cooperative consisting of 700 farm families. We especially enjoyed their Havarti cheese.


Photo by Dianne Davis


Carolyn’s Cookies was a must-stop spot for us when we saw a woman with a badge that said “Carolyn Walter”. Sure enough, she was the founder of this14 year old company. The product is frozen cookie dough which you can simply pop in the oven or toaster oven to produce a warm enticing finished product. 

Zane Caplansky was on hand to talk about his company. Photo by Dianne Davis


We enjoyed the fact that many of the companies represented had the owners right there – and often carried the owner’s names on their products. A great example of this was Caplansky’s Delicatessen, a Canadian company founded by Zane Caplansky which produces four different mustards – old fashioned, ballpark, spicy, and horseradish. Check out the website at to see the unique T shirts he sells. And yes, there really is a deli. It’s at Pearson International Airport in Canada. 

Photo by Dianne Davis


Just Bagels are manufactured in the Bronx, New York which might be called the epicenter of bagel manufacture. Cliff Nordquist told us that their bagels are all kettle boiled and do not contain any preservatives that could harm the flavor. They are shipped and sold throughout the country. Since they do not contain any preservatives, customers are advised to freeze or consume the bagels upon purchase. Yes, we enjoyed sampling a fresh garlic bagel with cream cheese.

Photo by Dianne Davis

Pacific Pickle Works

This Santa Barbara, California based Pacific Pickle Works company uses regionally grown produce. They utilize a spicy brine to add zest to their products. They not only produce cucumber pickles, but also pickled carrots, cauliflower, and artichokes. The company also markets a bloody mary mix. All California based products. 


Brook37 is a tea atelier. It markets the most exotic and boldest teas sourced directly from tea bushes in the world’d premium tea gardens.  Mou Dasgupta, the founder and CEO told us that this unique company boasts an all-woman production team. Brooks 37 believes in diversity and sustainability. They are a member of 1% for the planet by donating 1% of their total revenue towards sustainability.Customers can drink their favorable teas and help save the planet.

There were special pavillion displays from Italy, Japan, and France. Photo by Burt Davis
There were hot samples to enjoy. Photo by Dianne Davis

We sampled everything from sushi grade tuna and other fishes to Super Mario chocolate to waffle cones filled with real Belgian chocolate to olives, a variety of soy sauces, seaweed snacks, gummy bears and jelly beans, nuts, and more cheese, cheese, and cheese.

Photo by Burt Davis

The event next travels to New York for the Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javits Convention Center from June 23 – 25, 2024. Surely, it will be another delicious event. It will be back in Las Vegas January 19-21, 2025.

Article by Dianne Davis and Burt Davis Photos by Dianne Davis or Burt Davis


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