Olivetta- The Definitive Hollywood Dining Experience

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If you have never been to Hollywood and you were looking for that definitive “tinsel town” experience, Olivetta would be the restaurant that brings all of the glitz and glamour to your dining experience. Recently opened in West Hollywood, Olivetta will wow the senses and while it is a truly memorable experience, the menu is as equally awe inspiring.

Grilled Spanish Octopus

Executive Chef Michael Fiorelli brings complex flavors and ingredients to each dish as he brings together flavors that are inspired by Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. Front and center at Olivetta is a meat and potatoes meal that shames all other meals that try to fit themselves into that genre. Chef Michael cooks to perfection a 30-day dry aged prime tomahawk steak that is served with aligot potatoes, which if you have never experienced, are just pure glutenous goodness. When it comes to steaks, the tomahawk is at the head of the class, rich, amazingly marbled and as tender as anything you will ever take a bite of and it is cut off the bone for you so all you have to do is eat it. The bone itself is and what is left is breaded and deep-fried so if you really want to dig in, this your opportunity to make sure you don’t waste a bite. The aligot potatoes are so thick and full of cheese that you might forget there are potatoes in this dish and you will love every gooey bite.

Olivetta does not waste anytime bringing out the impressive dishes as the appetizers are as memorable as anything on the menu. The grilled Spanish octopus has that slight charred exterior while also being incredibly tender, but what really brings it to life is the plethora of flavors that are brought together in this dish, chorizo, fried peppers, lemon and salsa verde. The freshness of Olivetta shines through in the yellowtail tartare as it allows the yellowtail to really shine with just the addition of whipped avocado. The fish menu continues and is as good as it gets in Hollywood as you can choose from: grilled branzino, dover sole, the classic Greek dish, jumbo shrimp saganaki and baked Greek seabass for two.

Yellowtail Tartare

With so many great dishes coming out of the Olivetta kitchen it is surprising not only do they have some over-the-top pasta dishes, but it is all fresh. The rye macaroni with fennel sausage is one of the signature dishes at Olivetta and they also have a radiatore pasta dish with very rich lamb bolognese sauce. The must experience pasta dish on the menu is the creamy casarecce pasta dish that is brought to life at your table. You are brought out a dish of the casarecce pasta that by itself would be amazing, but then they add fresh roasted garlic and bone marrow and it is all brought together in front of you. You will be hard pressed to find a more flavorful pasta dish anywhere.

30 Day Dry Aged Prime Tomahawk Steak

Visiting Olivetta just for a cocktail with friends can easily turn into a more than occasional get-together, as mixologist Melina Meza has put together a wide-ranging and creative cocktail list that will keep you coming back. Melina took well-known spirits and made one very unique cocktail to really bring it to life such as her Dirty Martini made with bleu cheese infused dry vermouth or the Casamigos Tequila based cocktail made with elderflower, rainbow carrot, jasmine honey, Italian amaro and fresh lime. Each cocktail is as tasty as they are descriptive.

Brown sugar budino

Finishing off your evening is just as tasty as the rest of the menu, with such desserts to choose from as a classic tiramisu, berry upside-down cake and the brown sugar budino which comes in a coffee cup with crème fraiche and a pair of fresh toasted almond-anise cookies. I would suggest pairing any dessert with the perfectly done espresso martini.

Espresso Martini

A lot of spots try to create Hollywood within their four walls and that is a tough task as the expectations in this town are literally through the roof. Olivetta managed to not only create a setting that is 100% Hollywood, but they have created a menu that is fitting of the town of stars.

For more information, visit: Olivetta


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