Introducing Staffing Properties – The Concierge Solution To Finding A Little Extra Help At Home

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During this unprecedented time in our history, most of us are doing our very best to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by adhering to our States’ “Shelter-in-Place” mandates. For all American families, this has meant online homeschooling, and for many the recruitment of tutors in order to aid in their children’s education. For those deemed non-essential workers, remote working has become the norm. Perhaps the trusted gardener has sadly fallen ill and a replacement is required, or a full time nanny is vital so that those required to remote work can actually focus and get their work done. And once that help is found, how can it be guaranteed that they have been properly trained on the correct safety measures? Many of us have found this “new-normal” to be incredible challenging and wished for an easy solution to find the extra help we are now realizing we need. Sam Palmer, Founder and CEO of Staffing Properties has facilitated that very solution.

Sam Palmer, Founder and CEO of Staffing Properties, in front of his former home “The Manor”. Photo courtesy of PR Agency.

He developed his company after identifying this exact need for himself and his growing family.  He lived for several years with his fiancée, Formula One Racing heiress Petra Ecclestone with their children at their Holmby Hills residence “The Manor”, the famed 56,000 sq. ft. luxury estate built by Aaron Spelling and sold last summer for the California record breaking price of $119.7M.   The management of a home of that magnitude obviously required a sizable staff, and Sam found that locating the right personnel to form a cohesive team was extremely challenging.  As a result, he launched Staffing Properties to help those in need curate and assemble a top performing arsenal staff at a reasonable price.

(L) Petra Eccelstone (R) Sam Palmer. Photo courtesy of PR Agency.

The company’s recruitment process is simple and effective.  Staffing Properties’ teams of field experts begin by meeting with the potential client in order to identify their specific needs for a well-functioning home.  Once the precise requirements are determined, they organize a cost-efficient pricing strategy and begin the talent search in order to present a short list of potential candidates who have been thoroughly vetted by the company’s acute screening process.  Whether a staff of several dozen is required, or a modest work force will suffice, no project is too big or small and they ensure that a personalized, optimal and synergistic team will be forged.

Sam Palmer, Founder and CEO of Staffing Properties. Photo courtesy of PR Agency.

In response to our current climate, Staffing Properties also offers consultation services in order to assure that the appropriate safely precautions are instilled within future and existing household staff.  This includes:

  • The training of personal assistants, housekeepers, child-care workers, educators, security, chefs and other staff on the proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), as well as appropriate sanitation techniques.
  • The management of the administrative aspects of work deferrals, layoffs or furloughs.
  • The hiring of new staff while implementing proper quarantine and safety measures.
Sam Palmer, Founder and CEO of Staffing Properties

Once a sense of global normalcy is finally established, and travel is once again safe and secure,  Staffing Properties will officially launch their newest company offering – a luxury concierge service for vacation rental properties in Los Angeles.  This full service and all-inclusive option covers the sourcing and staffing of the property, the scheduling and booking of restaurants and excursions, the arranging of hair, make-up and styling teams and more.  They will even arrange for luggage and belongings to be sent in advance of client arrival so that all personal effects are organized, steamed, and put away.

“We believe that our ability to understand our clients’ needs, desires and lifestyles makes us more prepared and experienced in hiring the right people with the right qualifications than any other agency in this industry.” – Sam Palmer, Founder and CEO, Staffing Properties.

For more information on Staffing Properties, visit them on the WEB.


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