14 Year Old Vietnamese Art Prodigy Xeo Chu Paints Pandemic

Child Art Prodigy Xeo Chu
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Child Painter Xeo Chu (Photo courtesy of Xeo Chu and Art121)

Vietnamese wunderkind Xeo Chu, born Pho Van An in 2007, began his truly prolific journey as an artist at a mere 4 years of age.   In 2019, his first exhibition “Big World, Little Eyes” presented at the prestigious Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho, NYC set sales records exceeding $150,000 for his colorful abstract paintings which Reuters compared to the works of Jackson Pollock.

His latest exhibition “Pandemic Paintings” was a series of works inspired by three themes – Flowers, the Terrace Rice Fields of Northern Vietnam and the Ho Tram Beach House where he resided with his family during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic surge in Vietnam. The collection was galvanized by his social isolation, and as the presentation was held during the highly stringent Covid-19 “lockdown” restrictions in Saigon, guests were invited to view his works virtually through the lens of an OhmniLabs telepresence robot, guided by way of the onlooker’s computer mouse.

Xeo Chu Gallery Exhibit with Ohmnilabs Robots (Photo Courtesy of Lightspeed PR)
Xeo Chu Painting in His Studio (Photo courtesy of Xeo Chu and Art121)

A select sampling of pieces from the series were auctioned off to raise money for the ongoing fight of the Coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam, and nearly 3B VND (approximately $130,200) garnered from the sale purchased ventilators, external defibrillators, PPE and N95 masks; the medical equipment and protective gear was donated to the University Medical Center of HCMC.

An Online Auction of a Xeo Chu Piece (Photo Courtesy of Art121)

“I am happy to make a small contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that the doctors and nurses are always safe and in good health to help us overcome the pandemic,” said the young artist.

Xeo Chu Presenting His Donation of Medical and Personal Protective Equipment. (Photo courtesy of Lightspeed PR)


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